Andrew Young Presents

Strong Medicine: The Secret Power of African Healing

Norms. Taboos. Tradition. Culture.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Buckhead Theatre
3110 Roswell Road
Atlanta GA 30305

Broadcast Window April 29-July 4, 2017

This film which will be shown in over 80% of the US television markets and in 175 countries around the world.

Traditional healing methods in Africa are often perceived by outsiders as Voodoo, witch doctors and other stereotypes. Ambassador Andrew Young, after many trips to Africa, has discovered that old secrets make for strong medicine. Traditional healers, commonly known as “Medicine Men and Women” have handed down those secrets through the centuries. This unique form of alternative medicine is now being studied scientifically and proven effective in treating such conditions as diabetes, high blood pressure, and even AIDS and Ebola.

While alternative medicine is taking the U.S. and Europe by storm, it’s the trusted methods of ancient healing that include the mind, body, spirit and riches of the earth that keep people well throughout Africa, where access to Western medicine is extremely limited.