Join us for PROMETRA International’s Way of Remembering Pilgrimage into African Spirituality in the Republic of Benin. This exciting, hands-on participatory immersion into the culture, spirituality, and history of Benin will take place from January 5 to 16, 2019.  The anchor event of the pilgrimage is the Republic of Benin’s National Holiday to Commemorate the System of Voodoo which is celebrated with a national holiday on January 10th. 

During the final 3 days (Jan 14 -16) participants will be given the option to go deeper into African spirituality through attending sessions taught by a team of African traditional healers and spiritual leaders led by Dr. Erick Gbodossou, President of PROMETRA International.  

Preliminary Daily Program

01/05 : OUIDAH : Arrive  in Benin. Transportation from Cotonou airport to Ouidah hotel provided

01/6 : OUIDAH : Welcome Meeting. Introduction of Participants, Guides and Review of Program.

01/07 : OUIDAH : Day of Rituals

  • Welcome Home and  Reconnection with our African Homeland Ritual
  • Day of Purification with  Ceremony of the Sea on Ouidah beach with Offerings to the Water Spirits
  • Ritual for harmonization to begin the healing process to heal the wounds of slavery
  • Way of Remembering for individual and group forgiveness and reconnection to each other

01/08 : OUIDAH : Walking in  the footsteps of our Ancestors,  we will travel down the Route of the Slaves, from the  UNESCO “Door of No Return” site to the PROMETRA International “Door of Return”. A FA divination will be performed for our pilgrimage. All participants will participate in the Fire Ceremony on shores of the ocean.

01/09 : DOUTOU : Visit the site where  PROMETRA International will build The Spiritual City. It will be important that everyone to understand the deep meaning of this Temple of our Ancestors, its function in our life and its role in the future of humanity. Following this visit and explanation sessions, everyone will participate in a  personal ritual for reconnection to their own ancestors with the help of great spiritual masters and Voudou priests.

01/10 : GRAND POPO : National Day of Voudou. It’s a national holiday for the entire country of Benin. The great Spiritual leaders and Vodou masters come from all the regions of Benin, from west-African sub-regions, other African countries, and other continents for this unique celebration. 

01/11 : COTONOU : Temple of THRON. There will be a mass service and ceremony for healing, spiritual reconnection, and consultation for the group.

01/12 : AKLAKOU, visit of the great spiritual AKPAKOSSOU Temple  of SANOUGAH, receiving blessings and participate actively in the ceremonies with priests, priestesses and other initiated people.

01/13 : AGBANANKIN : visit and honor the Royal Stool of the Tado civilization, which spans from Ghana to Nigeria. This place contains numerous divinities and sacred places which have been present for several millennia.  Walk in the footsteps of our ancestors who brought civilization to humanity.

Jan14 to 16: OUIDAH. These days will be dedicated for Summary, Resolutions, and Recommendations before returning  home to set the stage for the steps that we must conduct to maintain the unity and mission of our group. Ending ritual. Give thanks and gratitude to our ancestor who guide us.  


Trip logistics:

  • Individual participants will secure their own air travel to and from Cotonou, Benin. Participants should plan to arrive by Jan 6th to be prepared to begin the experience. PROMETRA can provide advice on securing economical airfares.
  • In country, costs are estimated at $1600 per participant.  These fees should be paid to PROMETRA USA (via check, money order, wire transfer or Pay Pal) with the first installment/deposit of $ 800 due by September 1st and final payment of $800 due by November 30th. These funds will cover in-country costs of hotel/lodging, ground transportation, select meals, translation, and ceremonial fees.
  • Upon registration, participants will be contacted by a PROMETRA International, PROMETRA USA or PROMETRA France representative to discuss the trip and answer any questions.  A set of recommended readings and videos will be provided to registered participants.


For more information on Way of Remembering and to register please click here.