Dr. Erick V. A. Gbodossou

  • Visionary
  • President of PROMETRA International
  • OB-GYN, Psychiatrist
  • Initiated Traditional Healer (Benin)
  • African Philanthropist
  • “bi-world” Leadership

Message from the President

In a hundred years, man has gone from empirical knowledge to conquer space. The technique went fast, too fast and psychological man did not follow. After difficult to understand these so-called “technical progress” that man control also less, it appeared new data that are likely to divert the most logical reasoning, because they cannot fit into any classic conceptual approach.

The Man of the XXI century does not know where he is. The values that justify its existence have collapsed, leaving the unknown on the promontory.

Around the world, science in general and health in particular, are notorious discomfort with questionable behavior and attitudes concern.

To the north, health is engaged in the dehumanizing and mechanistic practices. We are witnessing a super specialization increasingly sophisticated, reducing human organs for mechanical parts. There are some time, there was talk of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology (O.R.L). Today, easy to Otology speaking, Rhinology, of Laryngology. Human contact between patients and doctors are scarce or useless, and soon patients will return one door and exit through the other without human contact, with complete paraclinical results and an order to execute.

In the South, in developing countries, modern health is characterized by inadequacies of doctors, paramedics, logistics, and a shortage of hospitals and a plethora of drugs inaccessible. More generally, synthetic and biochemical products, the costs are high, do not meet the initial expectations, but contribute increasingly to create resistors with virulent pathogens, to widen the gap between North and South and generate irreversible disparities.

At this worrying finding, add new iatrogenic diseases and emerging diseases such as Ebola fever and HIV / AIDS that compromise the future of Africa and the Third World. Faced with this evidence, Human feels a deep need to learn from its past to build its future. In recent decades, it is called alternative medicine, homeopathy, energy, medicine, Trance-Tepsichoré-therapy ethnomedicine of naturopathy and more generally to traditional medicines.

Everywhere man loses his bearings. The desire to give a Cartesian sense of it all, away from the meaning of life that is vibrant and vivi fi ante, which distorts the foundations of several hypotheses for research and inventions that serve. The Cartesian system is indeed limited, narrow and deserted. This system is the basis of modern science knows nothing of life, nothing to measure intuition, emotion, love … and therefore cannot solve the problems of the humanities. The Man of the XXI century needs to change his tune. It requires laying the foundations for a more human science, necessary to restore harmony between the physical body and the subtle body: foundation of its integral development.

The last century has made new and future time very vulnerable. We need to recognize the truth of that after the Second World War, there was the crucial technology. The means of communication, globalization of the economy and the political imbalances are worrying. We are witnessing the emergence of the spectrum of mass exterminations (wars and genocides) with a permanent risk of flashover, underpinned by an exponential atomic threat. The dangers of all kinds spare no man, no State. Terrorism, strongly developed, has the means never met and strikes at the heart of the dominant powers.

In the search for solutions to problems and de fi s that challenge our planet and our species, the International Organization PRO.ME.TRA, with performances around the world, sets up multiple and diverse networks and a set of strategies to make and continue to make its modest contribution to this great work.