Signature of a Headquarters Agreement with the government of Senegal in August 2004, which confers international diplomatic recognition to PROMETRA International.

PROMETRA is an international organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of African traditional medicine and indigenous science. It is an institution of scientific and cultural research, medical practice and is an instrument for African integration and international relations. Our purpose is to preserve African traditional medicine, culture and indigenous science through research, education, advocacy and traditional medical practice. PROMETRA International has twenty-eight (28) chapters throughout Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and USA. All chapters are officially recognized by their governments, and all chapters (except the USA) are associated with organizations of traditional health care practitioners. PROMETRA International conducts scientific research, hosts international conferences and cultural exchanges, publishes a quarterly bilingual journal entitled Medecin Verte, and coordinates a continent wide network of organizations promoting African traditional medicine and culture. PROMETRA International partners with academic institutions throughout Africa, USA, Polynesia and Europe.

Our Mission

The mission of PROMETRA International  is to preserve African traditional medicine,  culture and indigenous science through research, education, development, advocacy and service; and to improve the health and well being of Africa and the Diaspora.

Our Objectives

PROMETRA is as much an organism of cultural research, medical practice, scientific research structure work as an instrument of African integration and international relations though the rehabilitation of traditional medicine, ancient religions and universal spirituality.

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Family of Organizations

Family of Organization