PROMETRA presents at SCOLMA African Medicine Matters – Cambridge University

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PROMETRA presents at SCOLMA African Medicine Matters

  Cambridge University, England

PROMETRA International has been selected to make a presentation entitled, The PROMETRA International Journey: Traditional Medicine in Africa, at the upcoming SCOLMA  2016 Annual Conference.  The conference is entitled, African Medicine Matters: documenting encounters in medical practice and healthcare. The conference will be held on September 6, 2016 at Cambridge University, England.

Presentation Abstract: 

PROMETRA has spent the past three decades working with practitioners of traditional medicine, policy makers, academics and NGOs to assure that the indigenous knowledge of African traditional medicine is documented, validated, protected and appropriately shared.  PROMETRA International and its 19 national African chapters work to preserve African traditional medicine through the use of scientific research for validation of traditional medicines; advocacy and policy for legal regulation of traditional medicine practice and intellectual property protection of indigenous knowledge; and education to build bridges between western and traditional medicine systems.  This long and difficult journey has been met with the lack of understanding, disrespect and distrust of African traditional medicine and traditional knowledge systems by many sectors.  PROMETRA International with support of UNDP conducted a review of the legal status of traditional medicine throughout the continent of Africa and presents model legislation for its incorporation into the national health care systems.   Scientific research efforts supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation, European Commission and others allowed PROMETRA scientists to demonstrate safety and efficacy of African traditional medical products for HIV, Ebola, diabetes and dermatosis.  Through its educational curriculum, FAPEG, PROMETRA International has trained more than 18,000 practitioners of traditional medicine with its scientifically based, culturally and linguistically competent curriculum in  the areas of MCH, nutrition, natural family planning, oral rehydration of infants, HIV/AIDS, immunization and public health sanitation.   Constructing traditional medicine huts next to public health dispensaries allowed the documentation of referral patterns between traditional healers and public health providers in Senegal, and more importantly expanded bridges of mutual respect for both health systems.  Documenting the knowledge and recording the “voices of the keepers of this knowledge” for future generations is a critical component of its work which is a unique legacy to future generations and an addition of vital information to the academy realm.


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PROMETRA International Releases New Book



Dr. Erick GBODOSSOU, President of PROMETRA International has just published a book entitled: Ethics, Science and Development.

The signing ceremony took place at the House of Writers, on Saturday, August 6, 2016 in Dakar, Senegal. The ceremony was attended by the Writers’ Association of Senegal.  Alioune Badara Beye its President has enjoyed the work and the vision of the author, Dr. Erick GBODOSSOU.

Mr. Beye has proposed to make a visit soon to PROMETRA International, to learn more regarding the Organization and its activities.

Annette Mbaye d’Erneuville, historical figure of African literature was present and asked the writers to understand, respect and support their culture and their traditions which are essential pillars for the development of Senegal and Africa.





le Dr Erick GBODOSSOU, Président de PROMETRA International vient de publier un ouvrage intitulé : Ethique, Sciences et Développement.

La cérémonie de dédicaces a eu lieu à la Maison des Ecrivains, le Samedi 06 Août 2016 à Dakar.

La cérémonie a réuni l’Association des Ecrivains du Sénégal. Leur Président Alioune Badara BEYE, a beaucoup apprécié l’ouvrage ainsi que la vision de son auteur, le Dr Erick GBODOSSOU.

  1. Beye a proposé de faire une visite très prochainement à PROMETRA International, avec son Association, pour mieux s’imprégner de l’Organisation et de ses activités.

Mme Annette Mbaye d’Erneuville, figure historique de la littérature Africaine était présente et demander aux écrivains de rapprocher de leur culture, de leurs traditions, piliers essentiels pour le développement du Sénégal et de l’Afrique.




Guinea Bissau National Conference – Modern & Traditional Medicine July 2016

Guinea Bissau

The Republic of Guinea Bissau held its first National Conference on Modern & Traditional Medicine: An Integrative System on July 7-8, 2016 at the National Institute of Public Health  (INASA) of Guinea Bissau. The purpose of the conference was to create an effective health system through the combination of both modern and traditional medicine systems. The meeting was chaired by His Excellency Baciro ADI, Prime Minister of Guinea Bissau.

PROMETRA Guinea Bissau was represented by President Idrissa Biaye.  PROMETRA International was represented by  Mamadou Diaw who shared the head table with Guinea Bissau Secretary of State for Higher Education and Scientific Research, Bishop of Bissau, President of Caritas Guines Bissau and Secretariat for Hospital Management.

Rpt Conf Nat Guin Biss MT-MM, July 2016-ANG (2)

The conference included a display of  both modern and traditional medicines.  PROMETRA Guinea Bissau had an exhibit booth which displayed traditional medicine products and displays of chapter activities.  Current chapter activities include training of traditional healers in the prevention of Zika infections.  Conference recommendations included adoption of a law for integration of traditional medicine into the national health care system and a significant investment in knowledge of medicinal plants through applied research.


Rpt Conf Nat Guin Biss MT-MM, July 2016-ANG (4)

Mamadou DIAW meets with PROMETRA Guinea Bissau leadership

Mamadou DIAW meets with PROMETRA Guinea Bissau leadership


Read  full conference report [English]Rpt Conf Nat Guin Biss MT-MM, July 2016-ANG (2)

Read  full conference report [English]Rpt Conf Nat Guin Biss MT-MM, Juillet 2016 (1)

The symbolic efficacy of medicinal plants: practices, knowledge, and religious beliefs amongst the Nalu healers of Guinea-BissauTraditional Medicine In Guinea Bissau 2016 Read more

PROMETRA International Greets Government Officials


PROMETRA International greets the Minister of Health of Canada, The Honourable Jane Philpott and the Deputy Minister of Health of South Africa, The Honoourable Dr. Joe Phaahla at its Networking Zone in the Global Village at the 2016 International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa.

PROMETRA International is co-hosting the Networking Zone in the Global Village with our NGO partner, International Indigenous Working Group on HIV & AIDS of the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network. The networking zone is the one component of the international AIDS conference that is free and open to the entire population. PROMETRA International has built a traditional Africa Village which welcomes all participants to the Global Village and to our continent of Africa. Over 18,000 delegates have registered for the conference. This is the second time in the history of these conferences that it has been held in Durban, South Africa. PROMETRA International is proud to have participated in the first Durban conference held in 2000.


Global Village Networking Zone2

Conference Participants in PROMETRA’s Global Village Networking Zone African Village

Deputy Minister of Health of South AfricaDeputy Minister of Health of the Republic of South Africa visits PROMETRA International and its greeted by Dr. Sekagya and Professor Mossanda.


Click here for a history of PROMETRA International’s involvement in International AIDS Conferences.

PROMETRA AIDS Activities Matrix

PROMETRA International at 2016 International AIDS Conference

July 2016 – PROMETRA International is hosting a Networking Zone in the Global Village of the 2016 International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa.

The International AIDS Conference is the premier gathering for those working in the field of HIV, as well as policy makers, persons living with HIV and other individuals committed to ending the pandemic. The 21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016) will offer a best-in-class programme of over 500 conference activities and sessions driven by top science and research discoveries.

PROMETRA South Africa, Professor Kenesse Mossanda and PROMETRA Uganda, Dr. Yahaya Sekagya serve as the PROMETRA coordinators and presentors during the 6th International Indigenous Pre-Conference on HIV & AIDS. PROMETRA erected a traditional African Village to welcome thousands of conference participants and help them understand the role of African traditional medicine plays in the solution to the AIDS epidemic. Exhibits, presentations, printed materials, participatory demonstrations and interviews with traditional healers and scientists are components of the PROMETRA Networking Zone in the Global Village. PROMETRA International will attend the International AIDS Society (IAS) Regional Meeting for Africa during the conference.

New National Chapter – PROMETRA Zimbabwe


Group Photo

PROMETRA INTERNATIONAL announces new national chapter – PROMETRA Zimbabwe


PROMETRA Zimbabwe officially became the 28th national chapter within the PROMETRA International global network effective March 25, 2016. This chapter is officially recognized by the Republic of Zimbabwe as PROMETRA Zimbabwe Trust. Its founding Board of Trustees is composed of the following members: Gift Kanotangudza (Acting President), Beaven Tendai Munyengeterwa and Abel Karera.

PROMETRA Zimbabwe was founded on the premise that there is need to promote and protect the Zimbabwean and African heritage. The aim of PROMETRA Zimbabwe is to significantly contribute towards the development of a Zimbabwean society with strong cultural, traditional and spiritual values that promote the uses of traditional herbal medicines as well as rehabilitation of such for the well-being of the society. PROMETRA International also aims to advance the mission of PROMETRA International.
PROMETRA Zimbabwe will focus on the following activities:

  • Development and execution of awareness campaigns
  • Establishment of herbal farms and garden at provincial and district levels
  • Establishment of a Cultural Training center
  • Production of an online herbal dictionary in national mother languages such as Shone and Ndebele that will reinforce and promote local languages and protect cultural heritage.

Zimbabwe Flag

Republic of South Africa Delegation visits Andrew J Young Foundation

The Andrew J Young Foundation hosts a high level South African governmental delegation on July 8, 2015 visiting Atlanta, GA USA to discuss increasing trade and business opportunities. PROMETRA International Board members, Ambassador Andrew Young and Dr. Virginia Davis Floyd  participated in this meeting along with members of the Andrew J Young Foundation.

The South African delegation was headed by Member of Parliament Ms. Faith Muthambi; Deptuy Minister of Small Business Development, Ms. Elizabeth Thabethe;  Deputy Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage Ms. Rejoice Mabudafhasi and Chief of Staff Mr. Mugivhela Rambado.  The meeting was organized by Ms. Felicia Mabuza-Suttle who is a well-known South African talk show hostess, author and entrepreneur.

South African Delegation Visit July 2015


South African Delegation Visit2 July 2015

Back row (l to r) – Ms. Faith Muthambi, Member of SA Parliament – Ambassador Andrew Young –  Ms. Felicia Mabuza-Suttle  —  Chief of Staff Mr. Mugivhela rambado
Front row (l to r)  – Deputy Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage Ms Rejoice Thizwilondi  — Deputy Minister of Small Business Development Ms. Elizabeth Thabethe

Acting Administrator of USAID visits Morehouse School of Medicine

Acting Administrator of USAID, Ambassador Lenhardt,  visit Morehouse School of Medicine and wearing a PROMETRA hat to discuss the PROMETRA FAPEG program.


PROMETRA USA BOD member Dr. Kofi Kondwani  and USAID Acting Administrator Ambassador Lenhardt

Click her to read more about USAID Acting Administrator Ambassador Lenhardt 

Click here to read more about PROMETRA International’s FAPEG Right Message, Right Messenger  Ebola training program


Africa Anser to Ebola

PROMETRA International in partnership with The Andrew J Young Foundation (AJYF)  and  Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) will hold a press conferenceto announce the groundbreaking lab results of indigenous African plant-based extracts against theEbola virus on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at 9:00am Eastern Standard Time – 14:00 GMT in Studio C of the Georgia Public Broadcasting building located at 260 14th Street, NW in Atlanta, Georgia  USA


One-On-One With African First Ladies and Spouses of Heads of State

One-On-One With African First Ladies and Spouses of Heads of State
/ Government United Nations General Assembly Side Meeting Centre for Social Innovation

September 2014 – PROMETRA International Vice President, Dr. Virginia Floyd served as the moderator for the United Nations  General Assembly Side Meeting, Health Care and Education Interventions in Africa – A Conversation of Innovation and Collaboration. The gathering of African First Ladies was convened by the Princess Nikky Breast Cancer Foundation and the TET Foundation.  Program sponsors included Medtronic, VMP Nutrition, Centre for Social Innovation, the Coca Cola Company  and Global Health Strategies.

The meeting focused on the issues of health and education and the development of effective strategies by the Offices of First Ladies throughout the continent of Africa.  Health presentations were made by Dr. Flavia Bustreo, Assistant Director General Family Health, WHO Switzerland; Anuradha Gupta, Deputy Chief Executive Officer GAVI Alliance, Switzerland; Yvonne Chakka Chakka Performing Artist, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian UNICEF and Roll Back Malaria Goodwill Ambassador and MDG Envoy for Africa, South Africa; Dr. Leslie Mancuso  President & Chief Executive Officer, Jhpiego  USA; Ann McMikel Vice President – Global Partnership and Planning American Cancer Society,  USA. Education presentations were made by Jill Bishop, Director of the TET Foundation, USA  and Thomas Collette Executive Director, Education Innovation Agilix, USA.

First ladies and government representatives from Nambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Comoros, Gambia, and Rwanda made presentations on the status of health and education in their individual nations. PROMETRA International and its partners Morehouse School of Medicine and the Andrew J Young Foundation are pleased to support the efforts of the Offices of the African First Ladies.



African First Ladies 3

African First Ladies 2

African First Ladies 1