New National Chapter – PROMETRA Zimbabwe


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PROMETRA INTERNATIONAL announces new national chapter – PROMETRA Zimbabwe


PROMETRA Zimbabwe officially became the 28th national chapter within the PROMETRA International global network effective March 25, 2016. This chapter is officially recognized by the Republic of Zimbabwe as PROMETRA Zimbabwe Trust. Its founding Board of Trustees is composed of the following members: Gift Kanotangudza (Acting President), Beaven Tendai Munyengeterwa and Abel Karera.

PROMETRA Zimbabwe was founded on the premise that there is need to promote and protect the Zimbabwean and African heritage. The aim of PROMETRA Zimbabwe is to significantly contribute towards the development of a Zimbabwean society with strong cultural, traditional and spiritual values that promote the uses of traditional herbal medicines as well as rehabilitation of such for the well-being of the society. PROMETRA International also aims to advance the mission of PROMETRA International.
PROMETRA Zimbabwe will focus on the following activities:

  • Development and execution of awareness campaigns
  • Establishment of herbal farms and garden at provincial and district levels
  • Establishment of a Cultural Training center
  • Production of an online herbal dictionary in national mother languages such as Shone and Ndebele that will reinforce and promote local languages and protect cultural heritage.

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