Objective of the Project

To develop and execute a three year public health education and immunization project in 3 African nations (Benin, Nigeria and Senegal) that will have measurable impact on the childhood immunization programs by leveraging the voices of traditional healers and the indigenous religious leaders to inform government and donor supported immunization programs and the scientific academy of the role that traditional medicine and indigenous  community and religious leaders play in immunization program utilization.

First Gates Foundation  direct grant to an African traditional medicine organization

Date: November 2009

Purpose: for a multi-country advocacy project that will develop and implement an advocacy strategy designed to increase immunization through faith healers coverage in Benin, Nigeria, and Senegal

Amount: $1,558,535

Term: 3 years

Topic: Advocacy & Public Policy

Region Served: Africa, Global

Program: Global Policy & Advocacy

Grantee Location: Dakar, Senegal