PROMETRA International Visits PROMETRA Benin

Support for Way of Remembering

PROMETRA International President Dr. Erick Gbodosou and Vice President Virginia Floyd visited PROMETRA Benin in July 2019.  They visited PROMETRA’s Way of Remembering Site and the Door of Return Museum.  Working with PROMETRA Benin President, Emanuel  Agbikossi  and the PROMETRA Benin team efforts to strengthen the Way of Remembering Door of Return Museum were executed.  A report of the meeting is attached.

We invite citizens from throughout the world to visit this important cultural and historic site located in Ouidah, Benin.  PROMETRA’s next Way of Remembering Study Tour will take place in January 2021.  Stay turned for trip details coming soon!

Visit to Door of Return Museum Ouidah Beach, Benin
PROMETRA International President and Vice President meet with the PROMETRA Benin team.