PROMETRA presents at SCOLMA African Medicine Matters – Cambridge University

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       UK Libraries and Archives Group on Africa

PROMETRA presents at SCOLMA African Medicine Matters

  Cambridge University, England

PROMETRA International has been selected to make a presentation entitled, The PROMETRA International Journey: Traditional Medicine in Africa, at the upcoming SCOLMA  2016 Annual Conference.  The conference is entitled, African Medicine Matters: documenting encounters in medical practice and healthcare. The conference will be held on September 6, 2016 at Cambridge University, England.

Presentation Abstract: 

PROMETRA has spent the past three decades working with practitioners of traditional medicine, policy makers, academics and NGOs to assure that the indigenous knowledge of African traditional medicine is documented, validated, protected and appropriately shared.  PROMETRA International and its 19 national African chapters work to preserve African traditional medicine through the use of scientific research for validation of traditional medicines; advocacy and policy for legal regulation of traditional medicine practice and intellectual property protection of indigenous knowledge; and education to build bridges between western and traditional medicine systems.  This long and difficult journey has been met with the lack of understanding, disrespect and distrust of African traditional medicine and traditional knowledge systems by many sectors.  PROMETRA International with support of UNDP conducted a review of the legal status of traditional medicine throughout the continent of Africa and presents model legislation for its incorporation into the national health care systems.   Scientific research efforts supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation, European Commission and others allowed PROMETRA scientists to demonstrate safety and efficacy of African traditional medical products for HIV, Ebola, diabetes and dermatosis.  Through its educational curriculum, FAPEG, PROMETRA International has trained more than 18,000 practitioners of traditional medicine with its scientifically based, culturally and linguistically competent curriculum in  the areas of MCH, nutrition, natural family planning, oral rehydration of infants, HIV/AIDS, immunization and public health sanitation.   Constructing traditional medicine huts next to public health dispensaries allowed the documentation of referral patterns between traditional healers and public health providers in Senegal, and more importantly expanded bridges of mutual respect for both health systems.  Documenting the knowledge and recording the “voices of the keepers of this knowledge” for future generations is a critical component of its work which is a unique legacy to future generations and an addition of vital information to the academy realm.


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