PROMETRA’s believes in sound and rigorous research standards. Overseen by an International Scientific, Ethical & Legal Advisory Committee, we work with scholars, researchers, students, and apprentices in the areas of Natural and Social Science research.

Some of our current research areas include HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Diabetes Mellitus, Dermatosis, Viral Hepatitis, Malaria, cancer, African traditions & culture, spirituality systems, nutrition, and immunization.

Working to improve the relationship between modern and traditional medicine. PROMETRA hosts workshops and conferences. PROMETRA actively participates in international meetings and serves as consultants to health organizations, international work groups, and advisory boards.

Our project’s purpose is to address the health issues of Africa (and the world) through the development and production of safe, efficacious, affordable traditional herbal medicines, food additives, and nutriceuticals. Additionally, provide a system of sustainability and community development for African NGOs working in the area of traditional knowledge.

PROMETRA’s Research

Research Locations


Fatick, Senegal

Clinical observational studies are conducted at the Center for Experimental Traditional Medicine (CEMETRA) located in Fatick, Senegal. CEMETRA is a regional center of excellence where all studies performed under the supervision of an international Scientific and Legal Advisory Committee composed of international scientists, academicians. lawyers, patients and traditional practitioners. CEMETRA boasts the fourth best equipped laboratory in the Republic of Senegal.

PROMETRA Uganda is working with the “Buyijja Forest School” in the Ugandan District of Mpigi to improve healthcare for rural populations and protect forests. The objective is to reduce poverty and improve the living conditions of people living in the Buwama district of Uganda by strengthening traditional healthcare and expanding the use of ecological methods of cultivation. Those seeking to train as natural healers attend weekly courses on how to recognize common diseases and treat them with herbal medicines.

To provide the right messages, PROMETRA developed FAPEG – Traditional Healers’ Self-Proficiency Training – a scientifically based, culturally specific, participatory curriculum for non-readers.  Since 1999, PROMETRA has trained approximately 18,000 traditional healers and community leaders in HIV/AIDS, natural family planning, MCH, oral rehydration of infants, nutrition and community public health in over 14 countries.  These curricula have been endorsed by WHO-AFRO and presented at international conferences.  FAPEG is a scientifically based and well evaluated training pedagogy developed specifically for traditional healers, community based leaders and frontline workers.