Welcome to PROMETRA International

The Association of the Promotion of Traditional Medicine

PROMETRA was established in 1971, and is an international NGO headquartered in Dakar, Senegal, whose purpose is to preserve African traditional medicine, culture and indigenous science through research, education, advocacy and practice.  It works to improve the health and well being of global communities through the use of quality traditional medicine and indigenous science and building bridges between modern and traditional systems of health care. PROMETRA International has twenty-seven  (27) chapters throughout Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and USA and is a grantee of  UNDP, Ford and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

“About 80% of the people in Africa use traditional medicine,  It is for this reason that we must act quickly to evaluate its safety, efficacy, quality and standardization – to protect our heritage and to preserve our traditional knowledge.  We must also institutionalize and integrate it into our national health systems”

Ebrahim Samba
WHO Regional Director for Africa.  5/2002